Fzrasu Post time 2019-2-21 20:02:30

Maintenance announcement February 2019

hi fairies and sparrowmen, there will be a few maintenances happennning in the followiing days, we are trying to fix the known forum problems and the 2.0 update is happenning too.Now if you found the website inoperative in the following days, you know its totally normal. and i will post a message when the maintenances are done.
Fly with you.

CloverTheGoth Post time 2019-2-21 23:32:24

Can't wait!

Villiana Post time 2019-2-21 23:47:34

Thank you for telling us, Susie! It finally makes sense why there have been so many forum issues lately. I hope they're all fixed after this maintenance.
Thank you for everything you do! ::rainbow::

MoonFields Post time 2019-2-22 02:42:03

| Noted. Good luck on the update! ;w;

Bug Post time 2019-2-22 09:33:49

Thank you for letting us know & Good luck!!

DelicateDeer Post time 2019-2-22 11:01:06

Thank you for notifying us, Su!
Sending extra faith, dust, and pixie dust to all of the staff as you bring in this new update!
Hopefully all goes well.
Good luck!

Rosesandstars8 Post time 2019-2-22 13:30:00

Thanks for the notice, Su.
Good luck with everything

PrincessKawaii Post time 2019-2-22 14:46:11

Thanks for the heads up Su, hope everything goes well, excited to see what's coming with this update! ::rainbow::::heart::::luck::

lotuscup Post time 2019-2-24 14:01:13

good luck with update :]::heart::::cake::

Whisper Post time 2019-2-24 20:45:07

Thank you for telling us. Can't wait to see when it is done.
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