Fzrasu Post time 2019-2-14 09:28:08

Happy St.Valentine's Day 2019

Happy Valentine's Everyone.
Sadly we didn't get the Valentine's update work :(, gardening is tricky, hope it will be done in very few days.
But, we added two new meadows to the 1.0 game, church street and wedding house, both were added for the Valentine's .
Can you find them?
tips: to get to wedding house you will have to find the church meadow first.

Bug Post time 2019-2-14 12:24:09

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone <3

Jasper Post time 2019-2-14 11:31:41

Happy Valentine's day Su!! I love the new meadows perhaps I will try to find them later today.

Rosesandstars8 Post time 2019-2-14 12:52:33

Happy Valentines Day Everyone

juno30 Post time 2019-2-14 18:35:27

happy valentine's day ! i love the new meadows :')

rosesnsunshine Post time 2019-2-14 19:30:08

Happy Valentine's! Can't wait to explore the new meadows

MoonChildPotter Post time 2019-2-14 19:34:15

Happy ::heart:: Day Fairy ABC! Aww that's okay, we understand it takes a lot of effort and work. Take your time. Can't wait to see the new Meadows!

jennyhollybell Post time 2019-2-14 19:52:40

Happy Valentine's Day!
I will fly in to see the new meadows soon.

WinterSparkle Post time 2019-2-14 22:22:22

Happy Valentine's Day to all! I will try to find those new meadows when I get a chance

Villiana Post time 2019-2-14 23:34:00

Happy Valentine's Day, Susie! Gosh, I can never thank you enough for all you do here, can't wait to check out the new meadows! <3
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