Fzrasu Post time 2019-1-22 10:31:13

Fairyabc Pixie hollow preview, new homes store

Finally it's possibble to change our houses, also, the can't enter any homes problem isfixed in this update.
Please note it's not online yet as we are trying to get gardening work.

DelicateDeer Post time 2019-1-22 10:55:09

Edited by DelicateDeer at 2019-1-22 09:57

Wow! So much progress has been made!
I especially loved that you added elements from Pixie Fashion Boutique! I loved that game so much~ The Valentine's Day home is especially lovely ♥
This has only made me even more excited for v2.0!
Sending extra faith, trust, and pixie dust in hopes that gardening gets fixed so that we can all enjoy this update~

twilight Post time 2019-1-22 12:39:18

Nice Houses and i didn't know we can put music in the house that would be so cool. and also Gardening. Flowers would be great to plants. have a Wonderful day susie. @}--

♥foxheart♥ Post time 2019-1-22 14:46:34

Ooo! This is really cool! I really like the idea of being able to add custom music and names to your house! Thank you so much, Susie! I'm looking forward to the update! :]

Pumpkin Post time 2019-1-22 17:44:36

This is great news. Thanks for the great update.

Jasper Post time 2019-1-22 18:24:01

Very glad to see the game progressing. Lookinggreat guys!

Whisper Post time 2019-1-22 20:05:14

Thanks for the update, I can't wait to go shopping for a new home and garden.

jennyhollybell Post time 2019-1-22 22:09:57

This is absolutely fantastic! Decorating was always one of my favorite parts to do, the new houses fit in perfectly. Thank you for all of your continuous dedication to the game. I'm so excited for all of the future updates!

xXCloverX Post time 2019-1-23 00:23:26

These are beautiful! It's so nostalgic looking at the old water and garden homes, they truly were beautiful artwork, thank you so much for bringing these back to us❤

MoonChildPotter Post time 2019-1-23 00:32:42

Looks fantastic! Love how you included the homes from the Fashion app! Brings back so many memories. This can't be said enough, thank you for all your work and time to make this all possible!
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