Fzrasu Post time 2018-10-9 08:05:32

Pixie hollow Halloween Parade 2018

Greetings to all fairies and sparrowmen. We are having Halloween Parades on October 30th and october 31th, it will happen on 2.0 version game, and famous fairies will be there with you.The parade starts in Havendish Square at 20:00 CST and we will parade in several different meadows.
Dress up your Halloween costumes and hold your position, see you there!

Whisper Post time 2018-10-17 00:09:24

Make a big announcement when you open 2.0 again so we will know when this update is done.

PixieDelRey Post time 2018-10-10 21:33:40

ill try to come! ♡ lets hope 2.0 will be functioning well by then

Nighty Post time 2018-10-9 11:46:10

UvU spoopy scary skeletons

Pumpkin Post time 2018-10-9 10:57:26

Can't wait!!!!!:):]:O

Michal Post time 2018-10-9 11:24:32

oh wow! i'll be there! so excited! :) *~<]:)

PearlSnow Post time 2018-10-9 13:01:39

Sounds interesting! Sadly I have Mainland things to attend to on the 30th, hopefully I'll make it for Halloween!

rosesnsunshine Post time 2018-10-9 13:47:17

Aw this is so cool! Can't wait.

EmmaB4848 Post time 2018-10-9 14:29:26

sounds like so much fun! hope i can be there!

♥foxheart♥ Post time 2018-10-9 14:36:06

This sounds fun! Also, how's the update for 2.0 going?

7PandaGirl7 Post time 2018-10-9 16:20:34

When you say 20:00, you mean 8:00 right?

RedYuley727787 Post time 2018-10-9 16:31:35

7PandaGirl7 replied at 2018-10-9 03:20 PM
When you say 20:00, you mean 8:00 right?

It is the 24-Hour Clock, so yes.
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