Fzrasu Post time 2018-6-4 23:25:45

Can't upload pictures to album? here is what you can do

A few community members had problems uploading pictures to their albums, so i just tried to upload one myself, well, turned out i can't upload either, there was no picture selection button at all.

Flash is the problem. As you might had read from another post, Fairyabc goes ok without flash, well, turns out that's not true, without flash you can't upload pictures to your albums. sorry.
Here is the solution. for Google Chrome users go to


and set flash to allow.

For latest version firefox users, please click the little media button, check "remember this decision" and click allow

What if i had allowed flash to run but i still have problems uploading pictures?checkout the tips below
1. we have individual file uploading limitation, is your file size too large?
2. each member has a daily quota of file uploadings and a total uploading limits, did you upload too many files recently?

anastasia-lock Post time 2018-6-5 00:23:11

Oh i was actually having the same problem, thank you su.

Fungirl99000 Post time 2018-6-5 00:28:33

Thanks! My friend was having a problem with uploading pics. Hope this'll help her <3

RaeCollins Post time 2018-6-5 12:45:53

Thank you! I was having trouble earlier!

Pandora Post time 2018-6-5 18:21:26

Navya Post time 2018-6-6 01:55:41

Same problem I have.Thank You Su.
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