Fzrasu Post time 2018-5-27 20:52:47

Thank you for your donation

::heart::Thank you for your donation::heart::
Fairyabc had its second hardest time in the last week, and thank you for everyone who gave us donation and/or moral support, we made it.

Please don't feel bad if you were not able to donate, your love and your moral support is very important too, and we love you as much as we used too, don't be sorry, don't be sad, We made this website to make you have fun here, we never wanted anyone to be sad. A great game and everyone have fun here are the goals we are struggling for.

You can't imagine how deeply moved i was on the morning may 26th when i opened my Wechat and apple sent me the donation list screenshot saying we had got more than 350 dollars. I literally cried, my eyes had become foggy with tears and i could not help it. thank you everyone, your donation means a lot not only to the community and everyone who loved fairyabc, but also to my dream. I loved pixie hollow and fairyabc so much, i always wanted to make it a great game.

We had been thinking about restraining cost by deleting old attachments and pictures but we loved them as much as you do, it's too hard to do that.
We registered a new domain fairy101.com last october and we almost sold it for 35 dollars.
we had planned to build a fairyabc wiki and we already removed it from our todo list.
We had been thinking about what to do if we could not afford the game server because the server would expire on june second, the forum wont die but without the game, the forum will die very soon too.

Thank you guys, now we don't have to worry about anything listed above.
We got enough money to run the game and the forum for the next 2 years (2018/06/02-2020/06/02), and we add the wiki back to our to do list, we will keep fairy101.com. it might be a backup domain, or we might want to change fairyabc to fairy101 sometime, we will have to get your agreement first of course.

The total amount donation we got was 486.62 dollars, i know you guys had donated more but paypal took 5%-30 fees, depending on each donation.
we will spend 450 on the server, the domain and maybe https,its more secure with https, but we can only afford one domain, not the entire website( we have www.fairyabc.com, fairyabc.com, cdnimg.fairyabc.com,cdnjs.fairyabc.com, wiki.fairyabc.com,fairy101.com, we can get https for one of them but not for them all).
We earned 196 dollars from google adsense, thanks to many of you who had added fairyabc to your adblock whitelist or even removed adblock for fairyabc. we had spent 185 of them in 2017.
So we still have 47.62 dollars, we will save them until we got new ideas, or we will save them for 2020.

Again, i would like to express my acknowledgement to the following people who had donated us (ordered by donated time), thank you so much!

static/image/hrline/3.gifDonation list (ordered by donation time)Pandora

the one with *s are not forum names but email names, please send me private message so i can change them to your forum name.

——Fzrasu, and the fairyabc team2018-05-28

MoonFields Post time 2018-5-27 22:32:03

| Thank you to all those who have donated!! FairyABC shall live on. :' D
| P.S.: To whoever disliked this 17 times, Please don't feel bad. D: We said that moral support also counts as big help and we still appreciate you for it!C:

Pandora Post time 2018-5-27 22:39:53

Crystal2780!! Post time 2018-5-27 21:55:14

Crystal2780!! replied at 2018-5-27 20:34
I was going to donate some tomorrow.Can I still do this?

I Truly wish you had given me a warning.I was all set to go.This is VERY Important to me.If I don't do it, I feel like I am taking advantage of the site, and that is dishonoring.

Rosesandstars8 Post time 2018-5-27 21:11:10

Edited by Rosesandstars8 at 2018-5-27 20:15

So sorry i did not donate... But it looks like it all worked out. Rght?

Akui Post time 2018-5-28 08:30:24

This is such a powerful thread and this achievement goes to show how much people care about this community. ::clapping::

Dawn Post time 2018-5-28 07:16:59

So glad it worked out so well........ we have amazing people as our members.

MoonChildPotter Post time 2018-5-27 22:55:08

Wonderful! I'm so incredibly happy that Fairy ABC can live on and very proud of this community for the support! You guys work so hard and selflessly to bring this world alive. Thank you is just not enough for all you guys do. Long live our home. Long live FairyABC. ::heart::Uh one question, why am I on there twice? ^_^
~ XO Rose

Jasper Post time 2018-5-27 21:40:04

Thank you so much everyone who helped to save FairyABC. Your contributions will not be forgotten. My stomach literally dropped when I heard we didn't have enough money to run the site and the fact that we have such loyal and big hearted members who are willing to give money in order to keep this running warms my heart. Long Live FairyABC!!!! {:5_103:}::heart::::clapping::::rainbow::

AlphabetStew123 Post time 2018-5-27 22:17:08

Crystal2780!! replied at 2018-5-27 21:55
I Truly wish you had given me a warning.I was all set to go.This is VERY Important to me.If...

I don't know, Jasper.After seeing those reports in the Report Center, and seeing all the tragedy she's faced, Crystal might be deeply hurt.I doubt your words can fix that.

Crystal2780!! Post time 2018-5-27 21:50:20

Jasper replied at 2018-5-27 20:40
Thank you so much everyone who helped to save FairyABC. Your contributions will not be forgotten. My ...

Does this mean they are not accepting donations anymore?I did a little earlier today.I was about to do some more.Can I please still do it?

banana Post time 2018-5-27 21:12:40

i'm glad that we were able to help! :)

Villiana Post time 2018-5-27 21:22:05

Although I was not able to donate... which I honestly felt terrible about, when I had heard that we didn't have enough money to run Fairyabc, I cried. I couldn't bear the thought of losing this wonderful place. I still can't. In all honesty, I seriously cannot thank you all enough for bringing this childhood memory back. I just can't, you've done so much for us, nothing I could say or give would meet the level of how much you've done for all of us. I've met some amazing people on here, like you Susie, and like the others who have become some of my closest friends. We've all went through so much, and getting past this hard obstacle, truly shows how strong our community is. I can't wait to see what you do with the site, updates, etc. I'm finally at peace with the fact that the money is paid. I'm so happy and excited for what comes next. I hope that in 2020, we'll be able to pay off the money, if not, we all will be here to help support you in financial, and moral support. No matter what, I myself, and I'm sure the rest of the community, will do anything in our power to keep our second, beautiful, home, alive and flourishing in the best way possible. I would say it a million more times, thank you so, so, much. ::heart::::rainbow::@}--::cake::
Villiana (Nilla)~

Crystal2780!! Post time 2018-5-27 21:34:14

I was going to donate some tomorrow.Can I still do this?

k-hope Post time 2018-5-27 22:19:26

aaa im so happy!!! ::heart:: ::heart:: ::heart::
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