Fzrasu Post time 2017-9-14 13:17:33

Update note 20170914 how to pose and save a transparent picture

I fixed the pose glitch by accident while i was looking into the database structure (i usually have no access to database, the other developers always believed i might destroy it).Now you can save a perfect transparent posed picture.

A simple tutorial about saving a transparent posed picture
1, open your wardrobe and click the tiny fairies

2,drag and drop the control bars to change the posture, click save and then click the print button.

3, i know many players got stuck here, you can either select a back ground or skip the selecting to keep it transparent, double click any area of the game to start downloading. it will take you back to the map while invoking download.

you can put the transparent picture into any images, with your favorite editors.

Cookies Post time 2017-9-14 13:34:28

Thanks, Su o/

Pandora Post time 2017-9-14 14:38:07

amethystdayglow Post time 2017-9-14 16:20:16

Yay! I'm really glad that was fixed!

Jasper Post time 2017-9-14 17:48:28

Yesss finally! Thank you so much, Su!

Pumpkin Post time 2017-9-14 18:07:01

This is great. Thanks for all your hard work, even the accidents.

jennyhollybell Post time 2017-9-14 18:17:21

THANK YOU SU! Best news I've received in a while. :]

Villiana Post time 2017-9-14 19:08:56

Thanks for informing us Su! This is great news! <3

Emily Post time 2017-9-14 21:38:12

Thank you so much.   

Daisygarden Post time 2017-9-15 08:13:08

Thank you so much!!! ^.^
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