Fzrasu Post time 2016-9-16 07:17:50

Our plans for the future updates

Our plans for the future updates (if disney didn't shut us down before we finished them all)
1. all the clothes and accessories, and many of the clothes from chinese pixiehollow(小花仙), since we have found some of the clothes can be used to dress up our fairies.
2. all the meadows from original pixiehollow and some of them from chinese pixiehollow
3.the games. not all of them but as much as we can add.( crazy cakes and wildness adventures will be ready in next update, hopefully...)
4.day light/night and weather system, i always wanted it to snow in pixiehollow( its possible, according to disney fairies book, a fairy frost)
5.badges,pets,quests,silly sweets
6.homes for frost fairies, fast flying fairies, baking fairies, etc
7 A paid application. its a camera tool, you can record videos or take pictures/selfies with your fairy- which is synced from your online fairy. (just imagine you are running in your backyard, your fairy is following you, fly left and right. when you get tired, you sit in the lawn, and your fairy sits in your shoulder. omg, isn't that awesome?)
ok, thats all we have at this moment, any cool idea will be heartily appreciated
-- Apple, Susie and Wind

sunny Post time 2016-12-8 18:09:39

Will we be able to make multiple fairies in the future?

XxDawnxX Post time 2016-10-1 17:29:10

Really looking forward to the return of pets. They were so cute in Halloween costumes ∩(︶▽︶)∩

Electra Post time 2016-9-23 23:46:58

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Unless you're making money off of this game, I would suppose that Disney would not shut FairyABC down, correct? TTR has been running for two years I think, they haven't been shut down. Plus, the developers are going to be adding things from the "Chinese PH", right? So unless you're making money off it or it's an exact replica, I don't think it'd happen. Let's try not to worry and have fun!

Electra Post time 2016-11-20 11:04:51

You should add in the adventures?? Or scouting things, whatever they're called. Like the Bubbly Bog, for example. Those were fun. I recall always playing hide-and-seek after my group and I finished the scouting thing, lol.

Dawn Post time 2017-5-25 09:42:21

Are not all these new meadows using up valuable serve space ??

ilovsapinta Post time 2016-12-7 03:57:19

AriOreo Post time 2016-9-29 14:54:53

renata33 Post time 2016-9-18 20:30:53

fantastic , you guys are great
I hope that the houses of three storeys and experience levels can also return

MeganNotMeg Post time 2016-11-10 03:04:42

I'm new to this Wiki, but I'm so glad I found it! Please keep the good work! I can't wait to be able to do some of the games because I loved playing the games! I also really like the idea of having pets. Have you guys ever thought of making quests? If you need help with coming up with quests that are Disney related, but aren't exactly like the ones used the the original Pixie Hollow, please message me back because I would love to help. Have you guys also thought about putting in original fairies? Like in Cottonpuff Field, Tinkerbell "lived" there are a bunch of other fairies lived in other areas. I would love it if you guys would be able to do that, but I understand that if you guys can't, it's because of copyright issues.

Babydaisylover Post time 2016-9-17 23:41:08

I hope that this game continues to grow as much as it can! I also hope that in a future update that we will be able to save what ingredients we collect. Like, if you collect a spider silk, the next time you get on you will still have that spider silk. That isn't happening right now for some reason. Also, is this all you plan to add, or are these the features in the next few updates or something. Last question, can we be a fast-flying or baking fairy right now?

Dawn Post time 2016-9-16 08:32:28


SeanMoon Post time 2016-9-16 08:44:18

That sounds really cool! Can't wait guys, keep up the awesome work. :D

lotuscup Post time 2016-9-16 10:41:33

cant wait looking forward to see stuff from chinese pixie hollow, could never make acc on that site for some reason

Rach1214 Post time 2016-9-17 17:14:21

I hope Disney don't shut you guys down because of this.

Babydaisylover Post time 2016-9-17 23:47:07

If Disney shuts us down, then wouldn't they also shutdown Toontown Rewritten? They are both recreates of their old games. I really hope Disney doesn't shut us down. It would be so sad, but maybe it would give us hope of them reopening it officially. Question, if you use something like a picture of Mickey Mouse in a book that isn't copyrighted, and you make it and give it to people for free, if Disney finds out can they do court stuff? (I don't know the official term for it).

Babydaisylover Post time 2016-9-17 23:53:12

READ THIS PLEASE. THE FOLLOWING IS A COPY AND PASTE OF A PARAGRAPH FROM THE WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE ON THE ORIGINAL PH GAME: "In July 2016 a ex Disney Fairy by the name of Wind Muddle brought back with Disney's help Pixie Hollow under the name FairyABC. For Disney's help Wind Muddle had to promise to not make any money from creation or Disney would shut him down." Does Disney know about this game? And does not making any money off of the game help not get copyrighted? If so, then we shouldn't be worried unless Wind puts in Membership. Also, it is so cool that this game is mentioned in Wikipedia. Also, didn't the game's first version of beta release in the very very end of June 2k16?

Fzrasu Post time 2016-9-18 00:45:03

Babydaisylover replied at 2016-9-17 21:53
What? we never claimed that disney had helped us, we never got license from disney.the information on the wiki is not true

taffyg Post time 2016-9-18 09:45:57

The new update sounds very cool I cant wait to see it!
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